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How to maintain your egress windows to enhance their life?

Egress windows are designed in such a way to allow the inhabitants of the building to exit quickly and easily in case of an emergency. This term does not apply to the normal windows we usually have at home. Regular windows can be of any height or width. Such windows need not open or work in a certain way. But egress windows need specific measurements like they should have 20 inches in width and 24 inches in height and should at least have an open area of 5.7 feet.

Such windows provide a secondary exit to your home in case of evacuation. They also provide more sunlight and make the ambiance of your home more positive and lively.

Just imagine if there is a fire in your home- you will have to leave the house immediately, and in that case, you will have to search for an exit. If egress windows are in your home, they will help you escape easily and quickly.

Egress windows are essential and provide peace of mind to the homeowner in an emergency. But we can’t simply keep using a certain thing without maintaining it. To enhance the life of egress windows, you should follow some tips and tricks; they are:


The most important and easy way of extending the life of your egress windows is cleaning. You should thoroughly clean every part of the windows and window. If you neglect your well, they will collect leaves, sticks, dirt, etc. This debris may block the well’s drainage system, possibly leading to water damage or flood. Cleaning not only enhances the look of your egress windows but also helps in enhancing the life of your windows.

Cover the window well:

You should cover the egress window well with a strong piece of plastic or metal that exactly fits the well; it will help keep out drain damaging snow and ice in winter. It will also prevent kids and others from falling into the well. But make sure that the cover you are using is easy to remove in case you need access to these windows.

Check well liners:

Due to exposure to extreme weather conditions, your well liners start to contract. And after some time, it starts to pull away from the exterior wall of your home; this allows water to seep through, and water starts to collect in the well and cause blockage of the drain.

Therefore, it is necessary to check that your liners are clean and in good condition. And in case your liners are coming away, you can fix it by applying some caulk at the edges where liners meet the wall. Caulk means sealant. These are used to seal the gaps or cracks around houses and other buildings’ doors, windows, pipelines, etc.

If you take good care of your egress windows from the beginning, like cleaning the debris in the window well, looking for leakage, and dropping a few inches of gravel in the window well, it will help you enhance the life of your windows.

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