How To Learn Singing At Home

“Even if you can’t sing well, sing. Sing to yourself. Sing in the privacy of your home. But sing.”

– Nachman of Breslov

Singing is an art that everyone wishes to get trained in.  This is so because they see it as a medium to release their emotional pain and connect with their souls. Of course, some people are born singers and start at a better range than others.

However, if you are uncertain about your singing abilities, but still want to sing, go ahead and practice at home.  Here is a humble attempt to share some tips that can get you started:

1. Follow The Correct Posture:

First things first!  Practice the correct posture.  You will be amazed to discover your voice improving almost immediately.  A tall posture helps to keep your body aligned and makes you sound your best. Stand up with your feet just shoulder width apart. Now bring your shoulders in line with your hips and feet.  Try to lift your chest comfortably to ensure your neck and chin are straight.  Try this and experience the magic!

2. Ensure Correct Breathing:

Learning to breathe correctly for singing is the next step. This helps to enhance vocal strength and teaches you to sing in line.  Practice diaphragmatic breathing, wherein you breathe from your belly rather than the chest and shoulders.  This helps you to breathe fully and efficiently.

Position yourself in front of a mirror and turn sideways to observe your chest and belly.   Then inhale in such a manner that your stomach expands as you breathe in. Finally, breathe out and pull your stomach inside.  Notice that your belly should expand before you start singing and should be pulled back in as you sing.

3. Know Your Rhythm, Pitch, & Voice:

Rhythm is knowing when to start and stop singing along with music.  If you understand this basic nuance, you are on the right path.

You also need to know whether you are too high or too low in terms of pitch.  This helps to adjust your vocals with the song as you go from one note to another.

Moreover, everyone has a unique voice and it is determined by your body, gender, age, vocal folds, and many more.  Knowing all of the above helps you to mentally prepare to sing accordingly.

4. Practice Singing In Head Voice And Chest Voice:

It is important that you practice head and chest voice to sing better.  To attempt singing in your chest voice, place your hand on your chest and say something aloud.  You will feel a strong vibration against your hand.  Singing in chest voice helps you to regulate your breathing, vocal tone and even pitch.

To feel the head voice, firstly place your hand on the back of your neck.  Now sing a high note and feel that vibration on the back of your hand.  Head voice helps you to sing all the high notes. Once you have learnt both, simply combine the two so that you can hit high notes with more power.

Now that you have learnt some of the most important singing concepts, continue to sing.  You should start experiencing stronger notes and a projected and better tone.

In today’s challenging times, online music classes are a boon for beginners. It is believed that you can be good at singing if you have the passion, talent besides being at the right place at the right time. So, it’s time to learn and listen to good music on various platforms to extend your musical know how.

However, if you wish you learn from the experts, we have just the right course for you. “Learn singing online with Monali Thakur” in her Unlu class and learn from her first-hand the art of singing. Thakur is recipient of the prestigious National Film Award for Best Female Playback Singer and several others.  She is associated with several television shows for judging budding musicians; thereby, spotting fresh talent. The “Learn singing online with Monali Thakur” class takes you through her journey and Thakur shares valuable lessons in this course. Happy learning!

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