How to Inject HGH for Bodybuilding

Human growth hormone injections or HCG is among the effective way of managing signs and symptoms of reduced growth hormone levels in the body. To receive an HVG injection legally, you should get a prescription from your physician. This injection can be offered at the doctor’s office, but if you can follow instructions, you can self-inject at the comfort and convenience of your home.

This therapy should be injected for it to work properly and the correct application method ensures that the injection becomes effective. This is why it’s of great importance that you follow these instructions about how to administer the growth hormone and avoid the dubious procedures that are available online, and which are not provided by certified medics.

Where to inject HGH?

The best place that you can inject fat is the layers that are directly under your skin. This is what is mostly known as a subcutaneous injection and ensures that the injection is bioavailable. It’s been proven that subcutaneous injections guarantee a slower release of the HCG, unlike other methods that resemble physiological growth-hormone secretion. 

With intramuscular injection, the rate at which the HGH is absorbed is quite high. Anyone, even an untrained medic can do the subcutaneous injection at home without problems. Considering all the practicalities, this method is considered to be more effective. This also allows for lower infection risks and reduced pain among other benefits.

The Injection Site

The best subcutaneous injection site for HGH includes:

  • The outer areas of thighs and upper arms.
  • Lower and back loins.
  • The abdominal area, which should be at least two inches from the belly button.

The abdominal area is considered to be the best choice because it guarantees better absorption. However, don’t inject the same place repeatedly because this could lead to fat loss in that particular area, creating a dent in the skin. However, this is an adverse effect that is common to all kinds of subcutaneous injections, and which can be avoided by ensuring that injections are rotated.

How to take HGH

Remember that HGH is available in different brands and each of them includes human growth hormones that are biologically identical. These brands may have different injection instructions, and this should be taken into consideration to ensure the effectiveness and also the safety of the HGH therapy.

Some of the HGH products are manufactured in powder form and before they are used, they will need to be reconstituted with a recommended diluent. Also, others gave been pre-loaded in injection pens to make them easy for your use Moreover, a few options are prefilled in liquid form.

Safety Is Important

When injecting HGH, your safety should come first. Follow the provided instructions when you are preparing and also administering the injections. Before you inject, leave the vial pen at room temperature for at least 30 minutes, until the liquid becomes clear and colorless. Don’t shake, freeze or leave the liquid in direct sunlight. Disinfect the stoppers before you reconstitute the HGH.

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