How to get more remote workers to stay at your place

In recent years, remote workers have been on the rise. In fact, it’s estimated that by 2023 there will be a whopping 40% of employees working remotely for at least some part of the week. We all know that many people enjoy getting out into nature and disconnecting from their daily routine.

The best way to get more remote workers to stay at your vacation property is by making it as easy as possible for them. They’re the type of people who work from home and don’t want to go into an office, so they’ll be looking for a place that offers both convenience and comfort. Additionally, you could incorporate a vacation rental property management software that will connect you to booking sites to increase the number of remote workers booking your vacation property.

Here are 5 more ways that can get more remote workers to stay at your place:

1. Have a stable internet connection available.

The main task of remote workers is to do their job. If there’s no internet connection, then the whole operation fails and your booking site suffers as a result. Even if you save on cleaners and maintenance people, it doesn’t really matter if nobody stays in your vacation rental property. And since your guests will most likely do video conferences online, you’ll need to be sure there’s no lagging or buffering in the WiFi connection. Airbnb now offers an area to test and post your WiFi speed, helping you guests be assured they have great WiFi speed. 

2. Have plenty of places with power outlets available.

Remote workers need a lot of devices to get work done – laptops, tablets, phones, and other cables that require power outlets. Your vacation rental property needs to have enough power sockets for them to be able to charge everything at once (and near their desks). USB ports are very important too!

3. Provide access to laundry facilities.

Remote workers don’t need clean clothes to come to work, but they do need them after a long day of work. It’s more convenient for them if the vacation rental property has laundry machines and detergents so that they can wash their clothes when needed.

4. Have a smart house with an automated lock system in place.

Many remote workers would be happy to come back from a long day at the office and find that everything is already set up for them – lights on, heaters turned up, TV on, etc. If your vacation property is equipped with smart technology like this, you’ll see how grateful your guests will be when they arrive after a stressful day at work!

5. Ensure there is a Laptop-Friendly Workspace

While some remote workers are sure to have an office on their own, there are always guests who will spend the night at your property on occasion. Make sure they have access to a space with desks and comfortable chairs where they can work comfortably with their laptops.


There are 5 simple ways to help more remote workers book stays in your vacation rental property. Of course, the smarter and more convenient you are, the better chance you have of seeing your bookings increase. To get more remote workers to your place, vacation rental property management software can help you more. This helps to reduce management burden and reduce costs while increasing revenue.

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