How To Block Twitch Ads

You may prevent advertisements on Twitch in a few different ways. Here are a few of the more dependable approaches:

  • Use the best VPN with an AdBlocker feature.
  • Add an ad-blocking plugin to your browser.
  • Sign up for a Twitch account.
  • Twitch Turbo is a Twitch channel that you may subscribe to.
  • is a useful tool.

Method 1: Block Twitch advertisements with the best VPN.

Before installing an ad-blocker extension or any other ad-blocking software, the simplest way to get rid of Twitch advertisements is to use the best VPN service. There aren’t many VPN services that include an ad-blocker, and even if they do, they don’t always work.

With that stated, NordVPN is not just one of the best VPNs for security and streaming, but it also comes with an ad-blocking tool called CyberSec. You may sometimes get rid of Twitch adverts by changing your IP address using NordVPN, but you can also use the app’s CyberSec feature to prevent Twitch ads completely.

Furthermore, if you can’t access Twitch from your current location, you can connect to a NordVPN server and do so. You can also use the VPN to access other streaming services, apps, and websites that are prohibited. It’s why NordVPN consistently receives positive feedback.

How to use a VPN to block Twitch advertisements

  • Sign up for NordVPN and establish an account.
  • VPN – Download and Install. 
  • Connect to the best server to watch Twitch in countries where advertisements aren’t allowed.
  • From the settings, enable the cybersecurity function.
  • Stream without ads on Twitch.

However, the NordVPN CyberSec function is only available on Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, and Linux apps.

Method 2: Block Twitch adverts with an ad-blocker extension.

Several ad-blocking solutions are available on the App and Play Stores, but not all of them are successful. Furthermore, Twitch has improved its ad-blocker detection capabilities. When it comes to removing advertisements from Twitch, we only recommend utilizing the best and most effective Ad Blocking solutions. The following are the most exemplary ad-blocking programs for Twitch:

Origin of uBlock

The uBlock Origin ad-blocking extension can be used to block adverts on Twitch. It’s one of the most popular ad-blocking plugins among Twitch users.

It lets you get rid of most Twitch adverts and banners that take up the full page. However, uBlock Origin and other ad blockers have the drawback of being unable to prevent video adverts. 

If you’re wondering how to disable Twitch adverts with uBlock Origin, here’s how:

  • Download and install the uBlock extension on your device.
  • Enable the uBlock extension’s power button.
  • Visit Twitch to watch channels without advertisements.


AdBlock is another amazing ab-blocker that can be used to prevent Twitch advertising. You can also allow select advertisements to play on your favorite streaming channels. There is a setting for it that you may enable. Go to your browser’s AdBlock icon, select the settings button in the upper right corner of the menu, and check the box next to “Allow adverts on specified Twitch channels” under the general tab.

Here’s how to block Twitch advertisements with AdBlock:

On your device, download the AdBlock extension from the AdBlock website.

Go to the AdBlock extension’s settings and turn it on.

Without any adverts, use Twitch!


TTV LOL is the last ad-blocking solution on our list for blocking Twitch advertising. Furthermore, it is highly recommended by Reddit users. TTV LOL may be used to secure Livestream advertising on Twitch TV while maintaining the quality of the streams. However, even the greatest ad-blockers can fail occasionally, so we recommend using a VPN service like NordVPN that supports ad-blocking.


Method 3: Sign up for a Twitch account to get rid of advertisements.

If you don’t plan to watch all of Twitch’s channels but would like to watch some without commercials, you can subscribe to Twitch. There are several advantages to registering a Twitch account with a paid subscription, and one of them is the ability to remove adverts. You can also connect your Amazon Prime account for gaming with a Twitch subscription for a nominal monthly cost.

Method 4:Use is a popular Twitch plugin that allows users to open up to eight streams simultaneously. It’s a streaming network that can be used instead of Twitch and blocks advertisements.

Twitch fans appreciate it for a variety of reasons. With this extension, you’ll be able to view your favorite live streaming channels without being interrupted by advertisements. To use it, go to Twitch TV, open the extension, and type the names of the channels you want to watch into the box.

Method 5: Sign up for Twitch Turbo.

If you’re solely interested in watching specific channels on Twitch, we recommend merely paying up for the service. However, if you plan on watching all Twitch channels and want to avoid most advertising, Twitch Turbo is the way to go. Once in a blue moon, you’ll come upon an advertisement.

Ads on Twitch aren’t always a terrible thing, and here’s why. Twitch is a free site for game broadcasting and other things, but it’s not a platform with dangerous ads. Some Twitch affiliates do profit from these adverts, but users gain benefits, such as a greater selection of material to watch.

Most Twitch content creators make a living solely on the platform, but they will lose revenue if viewers continue to block adverts. The number of views determines the amount of money earned. On the other hand, Twitch is remaking its infrastructure so that customers can now watch streams without interruption while adverts play on the side. This is a superior option because no one will miss out on anything.

Is it possible to block adverts on Twitch on iOS?

On iOS, you can use an ad-blocking app compatible with Safari to block Twitch ads. AdGuard is an excellent alternative for iOS users right now.


There are various ways to block twitch ads which are mentioned above. You can apply on it. If you have twitch channel then you can increase your Twitch channel followers and viewers from twitchviral. It will be helpful for your channel. 

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