How Many Words is a Dissertation? 10000 or 15000?

What is a Dissertation?

Dissertation is an academic document required from students at the end of their degree. Dissertations can vary in terms of academic level, institutes and field of study. A dissertations word counts can vary from ten thousand words to fifteen thousand to literally anything that your instructor requires you to do. For most undergraduate degrees a dissertation’s word count can range from ten thousand to fifteen thousand words. To understand the requirement of your Dissertation Writing Services UK, you need to consider what program you are enrolled in, your field of study and any requirements or guidelines shared with you by your institute or professor.

Dissertation Structure

Students often get confused with how to strategically divide the word count and ensure that all the words are efficiently divided amongst the dissertation. To manage a fifteen thousand word dissertation you need to organize and divide and rule effectively. Everything should be organized and well put to write according to a fifteen thousand word dissertation. Each chapter is to be allotted its own word count to simplify the division of information and words.

Undergraduate Dissertation Structure

Undergraduate Dissertation usually ranges from ten thousand to fifteen thousand words. For a fifteen thousand word dissertation the division would be 10% for introduction, 30% for literature Review, 15% for methodology, 5% for results, 30% for data analysis and 10% for conclusion. This means that

  1. Introduction is 1500 words
  2. Literature Review is 4500 words
  3. Methodology is 2250 words
  4. Results are 750 words
  5. Data analysis is 4500 words
  6. Conclusion is 1500 words


A master’s dissertation is generally fifteen thousand to twenty thousand words long. Although the word count changes but the weightage remains similar. For a twenty thousand word dissertation, the breakup would be two thousand words for introduction, six thousand words for literature review, three thousand words for methodology, one thousand words for result, six thousand words for data analysis and two thousand words for conclusion.


A PhD dissertation can range from sixty thousand to eighty thousand words. The break up for this remains similar too but the words change. For a PhD dissertation the words will be as following:

  1. Introduction eight thousand words
  2. Literature Review twenty four thousand words
  3. Methodology twelve thousand words
  4. Results four thousand words
  5. Data Analysis twenty four thousand words

Conclusion eight thousand words

You need to keep this break up in mind while writing a research. The most essential thing is to complete the word count. Keeping this breakup in mind while working on your research will help because it will make it easier for you to complete the word count. With this structure in mind you will easily be able to complete the word count and put in relevant data with the right structure but if you are still confused with the math and also about your dissertation, you can always take help from Write My Dissertation Services to avoid any hindrances in your degree.

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