How High Should A Standing Desk Be? 

If you are among those who have been on the lookout for a great standing desk, then you should know that there are options that you can adjust to suit different heights. If you have the correct height of desk you can derive most of the benefits which it offers. You should also be concerned with your keyboard height, and monitor height.

In addition to the above, if you are planning to alternate between standing and sitting, then you will also need to have a perfectly designed ergonomic chair.

1. Standing Desk Height

If you have the right desk height, you will avoid unnecessary neck and back pain, while also benefiting from the wide range of benefits that standing offers. The generally accepted height is that the disk’s height should be above your elbow’s height.

  • When you are standing, your arms should be able to rest on top of the desk. Measure from the floor to the side of your forearms and get a desk that is of that height. Alternatively, you can get one that can be adjusted or raised to that height.
  • The shoes that you wear should also be considered. Measure the height while wearing shoes whose height resembles what you mostly use at work.
  • If your height is 5’0”, your desktop height while standing should be 36.5”.
  • Those with a height of 5’4” need a desktop height of 39”.
  • People whose height is 6’2” will need a standing desktop height of 44.5”.
  • If you buy an adjustable-height standing desk, make sure that it can be adjusted to an ergonomic height. A few choices have programmable height options that can be saved.

2. Monitor Height

For a comfortable and comfortable standing position, the monitor height should be taken into consideration. The monitor shouldn’t be close to your face, and it should never be too far either. The acceptable rule is that the monitor needs to be placed at an arm’s length away. The monitors’ height needs to be measured from the top section of the screen, which should be slightly below the level of your eyes. If you use bifocals while working, consider bringing down the height a little. If you are tilting your monitor 10 to 20 degrees, you should be able to view everything without straining.

3. Mouse and keyboard height

Unlike how people tend to believe, keyboard and mouse heights are different. Some standing tables have keyboard trays, and if this is the case, the measurements might be somewhat different. The keyboard should be at a comfortable height that is at a comfortable height from the floor. The mouse should also be located at the same height.

Provided that your monitor and keyboard are of great ergonomic heights, the monitor itself may not matter a lot. However, the monitor shouldn’t be too high when the keyboard tray is quite comfortable. Another thing that you should consider is an ergonomic keyboard because they are tilted to make things better for your body. This helps you to keep good posture, and also benefits your desktop height.

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