How do keep students engaged in the classrooms?

We see that a good start can impact the way students grasp the lessons. We know that it would be good to start it off with a warm-up session as well. The use of LMS can be helpful in such a case as well.  We know that one of the commonly followed activities is writing some points related to what was taught in the previous class on the board as well. We see that students can actively find out the mistakes in it in a collaborative way as well. They can also make use of light movements as well. We know that to improve their focus as well as attention, make them involve in light movements either in the beginning or in the middle of the lesson if they find themselves sleepy. We see that the activities can be varied according to the class they are handling as well. We know that it can be hand-clapping, rhythmic finger-snapping, cross crawls as well as a light march that we see. We know that when they finish a particular topic, they can ask them to give a quick write of what they taught them as well.

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We see that it can include important points covered in the topic as well as their judgment or conclusion regarding some tricky areas. We see that this is a good way to keep students engaged with the lessons. We know that this makes them focus more during the next classes as well.  We know that teachers should develop a habit of asking questions in between their lessons. And we see that it also gives students an open platform to raise some questions or doubts regarding what was taught as well. We see that this makes the classroom sessions more interactive as well. We see that this also helps them to understand the lessons better as well. We know that by framing questions and receiving answers, students can get a deeper view of the subject as well. We see that following the same teaching style in every class creates boredom among students as well as they slowly start losing interest. We know that so it is better to mix the teaching styles often as well as students would have a better learning experience. We know that they can approach different subjects differently and consider the interests of the students too as well. We see that this is one of the best ways to teach kids as they would always love to have a ‘learn with a fun experience. We know that games can be included to enhance their memory. We know that their vocabulary can be improved with vocabulary games such as ‘sentence race’ as well. We know that teachers can also bring in creative games, teamwork activities as well as competitive games to raise their spirit for learning at the same time. We know that group learning is equally important as self-learning as students can be trained to think in groups as well as improve their group decision-making. We see that group assignments can be given once in a while when they can share their ideas and work out a project as well. We know that they can bring out their exclusive ideas while accepting or considering others’ ideas too as well. We know that this is another way to keep students engaged in the classroom as well. We know that the video sessions are a good option to grab students’ attention as well as focus as we have seen. We see that the visual elements are processed faster by the brain as well as this can make a remarkable impact on their understanding of the topic. We know that the variety can be made in this strategy too by including video presentations with beautiful slides or giving them video tutorials as well. We know that by considering its importance, smartboard options are gaining more importance in today’s classrooms as well. We know that students would find it interesting if teachers can connect the subject that is being taught to incidents in real life as well. The use of ERP for connecting with different students can help the students as well. Click here to get top news all over the world and you can also check out this site for getting more info. 

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