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At present time industries are growing and making a lot of profit. Different industries are manufacturing different products that are sold nationally and internationally. A good industry prospers the nation. Nowadays various types of grinders and mixers are being used in the industrial lines. A buyer should be aware of some important points to buy the right mixer.

Types Of Industrial Mixers:

In industries, many different mixers are used according to the requirement of the products that are manufactured. Every mixer has its use and criteria of usage. Different mixers are used based on which material is mixed. The type of mixer also depends upon the state of the material. But some mixers are considered more efficient and superior due to their amazing results. 

Following are the types of mixers, used in industries : 

Double-arm Mixer: 

As the name suggests, the mixer has two blades to mix up the material. The two blades move at different speeds. The blades are called the arms of the mixer. The movement of the blades at different speeds mixes the material efficiently and the whole material mixes up nicely.

  • Nauta Mixer:

The mixer that is used to mix the components slowly and gently is called the Nauta mixer. The Nauta mixer has the shape of an inverted cone. In industrial lines some components are sensitive and cannot be mixed up harshly, in that case, this type of mixer is used.

  • Ribbon Mixer:

Ribbon mixers can be used in construction, medicine, food, and chemical field. When compared with others, this type of mixer is considered more efficient. The tank of ribbon mixer can be either horizontal or vertical. Most of the time this mixer is used in the food and pharmaceutical line. Ribbon mixers provide better mixing and distribution. Ribbon mixers have a great mixing effect and large productivity. Good ribbon mixers have a very low failure rate. 

Other than the above mentioned, some other types of mixers are being used in the industrial line. Every product is manufactured in its associated industry and every industry uses the mixer that suits its need.

Horizontal Ribbon Mixer:

This mixing has great efficiency and very little heat production. When the mixers are used in industry to mix up the components, heat is generated. And the machinery of the mixer heats up. The heating up of machinery is very harmful to the mixer and can affect the working of the whole mixer. And often the chemicals that are being mixed up are heat volatile, so the production of heat during mixing them can be harmful.

  • Components:

The horizontal ribbon mixer has different components that are connected. These components are as follows:

  1. Motor
  2. Reductor
  3. Seal neumatic 
  4. Switch
  5. Exit for air
  6. Inlet for air
  • Uses:

  1. Horizontal ribbon mixers can be used in multiple industries like chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries, etc. 
  2. The user can control the mixing process manually according to the need. For example, the batch capacity surface treatment, etc can be controlled based on which material is being dealt with and what is a condition in which mixing is being done. 
  3. The horizontal ribbon mixer can be used for multiple materials e.g it can be used to mix the powder with powder, powder with liquid, and powder with granules.
  4. The horizontal ribbon mixer is very systematic and structured. And it is very much organized and can be used in the food industry for mixing purposes.
  • Selection Method: 

In mixing systems, selection are of vital importance. The horizontal ribbon mixer allows you to choose the settings that you need for the material that you want to mix up. Presets are available, users can select any of those presets according to the requirement of the mixing process. 

The motor potential of the mixer can be chosen based on the material, task, fluidity, etc. Normally, two modes of motor power are available that are normal duty and heavy-duty. The horizontal ribbon mixer provides the option to choose the driven and discharging mode. 

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The industrial line is dependent on the quality of machinery that is used for the manufacturing of products. Horizontal ribbon mixers of different qualities are available offline as well as online market. Not every horizontal mixer is good. The mixing up of material is an important job in industrial lines. And this job completely depends on the machinery that is used. So, one should buy a good horizontal ribbon mixer for expected results.

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Some salient features of this horizontal ribbon mixer are as follows:

  1. It has a horizontal, U-shaped tank.
  2. The batch working volume is 0.1 – 15cbm
  3. The mixing time of the mixer is 15 – 60 Mins.
  4. The power of the mixer is 3kW – 160kW

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