Hate glue? Try TAG wig!


Are you tired of using glue when installing wigs? Do you hate the strange smell of glue? Do you hate the feeling of clogged pores after the glue has set? If you don’t like using glue, then you definitely need glueless wigs.

This article will introduce one of the most popular glueless wigs series in the wig world recently—-TAG wigs

New glueless wig—-TAG wig

TAG wigs is not actually a wig line with a long history. Among the various glueless wigs on the market, u part wigs are the first to appear. Then, leading the trend of glueless wigs is the headband wigs. And now, the most popular is TAG wigs. The full name of TAG wig is “throw on and go wig“, which means you can wear it and go.

If you haven’t heard of TAG wigs before, that’s normal. In fact, TAG wigs were only proposed and formally defined by Luvmehair in 2022. Before that, “throw on and go” was more of a description of easy-to-install wigs. And now, TAG wig is the name of a series of wigs created by ;uvmehair that can be installed quickly and without glue.

All in all, the TAG wig can be said to be the star of today’s glueless wigs family. Next, I will introduce the various advantages of this star, please read on.

The pros of TAG wig

The Price: TAG wigs are so friendly!

If you see the TAG wig for the first time, then you will definitely be shocked by the extremely cheap price of the TAG wig. How can a human hair wigs made with 100% human hair be sold so cheaply? Its price is so friendly that when you compare other wigs of the same type horizontally, it is difficult not to be affected by its price factor. If time travels back to 2021 and you shout on the internet: Wigs under $100 are crap! Then you have a high probability of getting 100% greed! But now, in 2022, you ask the question: “Can you get a great wig for under $100?” Then TAG wig will be the perfect answer.

The Convenience: TAG wig are so easy to install!

The greatest value of TAG wig is that it can be installed quickly. Unlike 360 frontal lace wigs, you don’t have to deal with lace at all when installing TAG wig (because TAG wig doesn’t have lace as one of the features), and you don’t have to apply glue anywhere in your hair. You only need three steps to complete the installation of TAG wig.

First, you want to get your natural hair as smooth as possible. Of course, if your natural hair is shorter or less, you can leave your natural hair untreated. But if you can flatten your hair, like braiding them, then you’ll end up with a more natural look.

Second, you’re going to put the TAG wig on your head and then use the four little clips built into the cap to hold your native hair. I think, this step should not sound difficult, right?

Finally, you need to find a mirror and look in the mirror to see how you look. The only purpose of this step is to make adjustments to how you will look after wearing the wig. I mean, it’s time for you to start combing your wig-induced messy hair. Of course, at this time, you can also use some styling spray or moisturizing hair oil for further beautification.

When the above three steps are over, congratulations, you can go out! In fact, after you actually start using the TAG wig, you will find that the excellent curl and bangs design of the TAG wig can save you a lot of time. You pretty much only need to take the first two steps to go straight out the door. If you have less hair, you might even just have to wear it like a hat while walking out the door!

The out looks: TAG wig have such a great curls!

As mentioned above, the curl and bangs of the TAG wig are carefully formulated by professional hair stylists. Many users have found that the curl of TAG wig does not require a curling iron to curl again, nor does it require too much product to maintain. TAG wig doesn’t need too much grooming and is pretty enough!

When you wear TAG wig, a youthful vitality blooms in you. All eyes will be attracted to you involuntarily! If you are a young girl, then this wig is just right to show your energetic side. If you’re a mature woman, this wig will take you straight back to 1!

The lifespan:TAG wig is durable

Does cheap mean not durable? the answer is negative. If you’re buying synthetic wigs, it may be difficult for your wig to last longer than two months. Fortunately, all TAG wigs provided by luvmehair are made with strictly 100% human hair. That is, with reasonable care, you can use TAG wigs for six months to a year! You can even use afterpay wigs to buy this wig to pay in installments. You can imagine a wig for less than $100, paid in four installments. Pay no more than $25 per instalment! And this wig will accompany you for half a year or more!


The advantages of TAG wig are not limited to the four points I just mentioned. In fact, TAG wig, as a cross-generational wig series, its advantages and its influence are immeasurable. If you haven’t purchased the TAG wig, I highly recommend you try it. A cheap and easy-to-use wig, who doesn’t love it?

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