Get A Job In WordPress With These 5 Easy Steps

We all dream about being our own boss, following a routine of our setting. And most of all, breaking free of all the constraints put by office rules and regulations. However, the most significant deterrent is always provisions or lack of, particularly, demanding skills.

But fret not! If the concerns mentioned above are your biggest fears, you can always opt for WordPress jobs. WordPress currently backs almost thirty eight percent of all websites. It powers blogs, retail companies, and a lot more.

Here are some steps you can take to land a job in WordPress. Or you may skip these altogether and jump to searching up WordPress jobs here online.

Identify Your Niche Skills

Don’t know how to code? That’s alright. WordPress has a plethora of career options for even those who are not tech-savvy. Here are some common job opportunities you can avail of:

  1. WordPress Content Writer: Love to write? Then this position is just the thing for you. WordPress writers typically update, review, edit, and in some cases, write new content too. Writers have to deal with blog posts, FAQs, web pages, and product descriptions. Although, the base requirement of this job is proficiency in English and creativity. It is better if the writer knows their way around basic technicalities like adding or removing plugins, inserting graphics, etc.
  2. WordPress Administrator: A WordPress administrator must have basic computer skills. But more importantly, they should be well versed with the workings of the platform. The purpose of the WordPress administrator is to ensure the smooth and seamless functioning of the platform. Thus, this job involves tasks like monitoring users’ profiles and performance.
  3. WordPress Developer: Know how to code? Apply for it as soon as possible. If you know your way around programming languages javascript and HTML, et cetera. This is the right job for you. However, make sure you are acquainted with the workings of the platform too.

Polish Those Skills

Your next step is to polish your skills. WordPress is a huge platform, and competition is fierce. Consequently, the last man standing always possesses top tier skills. For example, if you want to be a content writer, you must learn about SEO-friendly content.

Similarly, an aspiring graphic designer and developer should get into Adobe Creative Suite and coding language courses, respectively. It is a universal truth that no matter what job you require. Nothing is possible without hard work. So familiarize yourself with your niche. You’ll see how soon you’ll be acing every task.

Go Job Hunting

Once you are done with the two earlier steps, it is time to level up from a follower to a professional. There are several newbies can take to ease into this task, they are:

  1. Online presence is critical for your success. It is the digital age, after all. Therefore, make a WordPress website and upload all the necessary details such as your name, contact info, experience or clients, and portfolio. This is the easiest way to attract more clients.
  2. Look outside of meme trends and utilize LinkedIn. Regularly update your profile and reach out to other professionals too. Socialising and networking are great ways to learn more and discover job opportunities.
  3. WordPress experts can also apply on freelancing websites like Fiverr and Upwork. All you have to do is create your profile and apply for jobs relevant to you.
  4. Don’t think you are built for making your own client base? Go for platforms like Indeed and Monster. You can find hundreds of job opportunities here. The list is endless.

Settle Your Terms

Once you have discovered a job and are ready to work, the first thing you must do is decide the payment details. This includes pay amount, charging rate, and mode of payment. For beginners, the best thing to do is connect to others in similar positions and ask about their pay and charging rates.

Compare factors like experience, age, and niche to get a good baseline. Moreover, do not hesitate to walk away or counter with a better offer if you believe you are not being paid enough. So, best do your research and have a thorough understanding of your work and worth.

Wondering what you can do to negotiate better terms? Here’s a list of all the things you must try:

  1. Do your research.
  2. Build a strong case. Why should the company pay you? What exactly do you offer that others don’t?
  3. Discuss benefits. What benefits does your job offer that doesn’t?
  4. Make sure to sign a contract deal (that is not the employment contract) with the company. It will ensure you get your expected salary and benefits.

No, You Can’t Stop Networking

Simply landing a job isn’t everything. You have to make sure you thrive at it too. Networking helps with precisely that. The more you socialize with people and professionals in your relevant niche, the greater are the chances of your survival. As networking means more exposure and consequently more clients. It is a mutual relationship. You will be able to benefit others just as they will benefit you.


Don’t just wait for the Eureka moment. Build your life yourself. Create your skills and work for your dreams. There are countless opportunities scattered around. All you have to do is take them up. A little effort goes a long way. Therefore, get into honing your skills now. So you may be able to achieve your dreams later.

The five steps, as mentioned earlier, will be your baby steps to a successful life. They provide tidbits of info and tricks you will need to achieve your goals. The journey won’t be easy, but the sweetness lies in the destination. WordPress is an enormous platform built to enable ambitions like yours. Getting a job on this platform is a lot easier than one would assume.

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