Five Things to Consider Before Finding the Best Bath Pillows for Tub

Sometimes a good soak is exactly what you need after a hard day. Many people find leaning back on their bath pillows for tub and spa time is the perfect way to wash away their woes. But for those choosing the wrong cushion to rest their heads, it can be more aggravating than relaxing. Finding a quality bath pillow brand such as Everlasting Comfort will ensure that your bath is a gateway to serenity. Here are five things to look for when finding the best bathing pillow for your home spa experience.

1. Materials Make the Mood

Most bath pillows are made from foam, but not every type is the same. Some cushions contain nothing more than standard stuffing, so they are not only uncomfortable but difficult to keep clean as well. Cheaper options may be constructed from thick, stiff foam that may float but is as soft as rocks! A cushion with a thick outer covering can be a hassle as well because it may take a while to dry, leaving you with a soggy mess.

When considering bath pillows for tub use, take a look at how flexible the foam is. Most bathers want something that will conform to their neck and shoulders while also protecting them from the hard porcelain bathtub edge. An airy foam is also great as it lets water drain easily. The cover is also important, as a thinner mesh allows the foam to breathe and dries much more quickly!

2. Adjustable Appeal

A bath pillow may be made of the softest and most yielding foam, but unless it can adjust to a variety of different tubs, it’s going to be just as uncomfortable as a life preserver. Part of getting your zen is whole-body relaxation, something that can’t be accomplished if your cushion keeps getting in the way. If you’re grabbing bath pillows for “tub A” that are meant to fit “tub B,” the cushion could even end up slipping out of place at the worst time!

Find a pillow with adjustable support and you won’t have to worry about what kind of tub you’re using. While it may seem like a good idea to fit a specific bathtub at first, remember that switching bathrooms or going on trips would limit its use as well as your comfort. Because their positioning can be fine-tuned based on how you want to lay, adjustable cushions also mean you don’t need to remain perfectly still to reach that perfect place of relaxation.

3. Wash, Not Waste

One of the biggest drawbacks to any bath pillow is how wet it can get. Placing anything in a tub of water for an extended period of time is bound to leave it dripping all over your floor. If a cushion isn’t dried properly, it can lead to unsightly mildew that might even make you sick!

When it’s clean-up time, bath pillows for tub, spa, and jacuzzi enjoyment should be easy to clean and even easier to dry. A good brand will include a method to help airdry their product, such as a hook to hang it above the bathtub. Look for cushions that only require mild detergents since harsh chemicals can harm your skin if not cleaned properly. Choosing a pillow that is machine washable is an even better solution, especially since you can just toss it in with your other laundry!

4. Quick Setup

If you’ve spent all day on your feet, the last thing you want to do is struggle with straps and latches to make sure your bath pillow remains secure. It can be hard to tell if some cushions are bath pillows since they have no way to attach at all! A poorly fitting cushion will keep you from finding good positioning, which may end up giving you more aches and pains than when you started.

Choose a bathing headrest that can attach securely without any extra bits to fiddle with. Suction cups are an excellent option since tubs are generally smooth enough for them to grab a tight hold. Simply wipe down the portion of the bathtub with a damp cloth and attach the headrest directly to the side, and it should stay securely in place during the entire self-spa treatment!

5. Storage Close at Hand

The candles are warmly glowing, harp music is echoing off the bathroom tiles, and you’re drifting away to blissful relaxation. You reach for some essential oils, but they’re usually on the counter by the sink, and there’s no way you’re going to reach them; that’s when you remember you purchased a bath cushion with extra storage on the side. Having something as simple as a built-in pocket or two goes a long way to ensure that you can enjoy your bath time as long as you’d like.

The Perfect Pillow

A lot of factors go into finding great bath pillows for tub time comfort. Choosing a cushion made with the wrong material, a product that doesn’t adjust or one that takes too long to dry may ruin your experience. Find a quality pillow that adjusts to the kind of bath you’d like to take and you’ll have your own in-home day spa in no time at all!

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