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Factors To Consider Before Buying Wardrobes

Everyone looks for fresh, trendy, and affordable wardrobe designs. Wakefit has modern wardrobes that focus on utility and simplicity for everyday living. A wardrobe for a bedroom is an essential piece of furniture that optimises the available space while providing storage and enhancing the aesthetics. But there are many types, styles, and designs of wardrobes available in the market, due to which picking the right one becomes a challenge. To help you overcome this, here are a few factors to consider that enable you to make a better choice.

Size of the Wardrobe

Answer these questions to determine the size of the wardrobe-

1 .Do you have enough storage space and buy a wardrobe to upgrade the style?

  1. Do you have too many clothes and accessories and not enough space to store them?

3 .Is your wardrobe placed too close to the wall, and there is not enough place for free movement?

4 .Is it occupying a lot of space and uselessly sitting on the floor?

5 .How many of your family members’ clothes need to go into the wardrobe?

6 .Does your room have enough storage for other things like the bedding, coats, shoes, etc.?


Answers to the above question will give you a fair idea of the size of the wardrobe. The other aspect to consider is the space available in the room. Measure the space available before you buy so that it does not obstruct the movement. Also, the wardrobe should not be too big as it can overpower the other furniture in the bedroom. It should not be too small too, as it does not serve the purpose. While choosing the best bedroom wardrobe, check the specifications and determine the size based on your bedroom size.

Types of Wardrobe Designs

When you are searching for a modern wardrobe design for your home, here are some of the types you will find.

1 .Free-standing wardrobes: These are a modern version of the traditional steel cupboards. A free-standing wardrobe is versatile as it can be moved easily and is easily available in the market.

2 .Two or three-door wardrobe: These are wardrobes with drawers on one part and rails on the other side of the wardrobe. You will find additional rails or shelves in the three-door wardrobes. Two door wardrobe for a small room is a space saver option for your guest room or kids’ room.

3 .Sliding door: These are another space-saving wardrobe as it removes the need to open the doors. It is a great option for urban homes where space is a constraint. The only disadvantage of these is that only one part of the wardrobe is visible at a time.

4 .Hinged wardrobe: It is a conventional design commonly seen in Indian homes. It comes with hinged doors that open out and give a complete view of the closet’s contents. The inside of the door is usually mounted with racks, shelves, and hooks. Bedroom wardrobe designs with mirror is a variant of this wardrobe style.

5 .Customisable wardrobes: These are made to order depending on the exact specifications of your bedroom. It comes with fittings based on personal preference and gives the user the control of overall internal and external configurations. The major disadvantage is that there is great reliance on the person’s skills executing it to get the right result.

Material of the Wardrobe

Plywood, particleboard, MDF, and even solid wood are some of the materials that are used in wardrobes. Then there are materials like acrylic and laminates for the exterior of the wardrobe. Choose materials that blend with the style of your bedroom. Pick lighter laminates or even a mirror for contemporary style and a dark tone for a traditional style of wardrobes. Look for lightweight, organic, and non-toxic materials for your space as it makes the wardrobe more sustainable.

Wardrobe Functionality

The wardrobe you choose should be based on the type of clothes that you need to store in the wardrobe. If you have many sarees, you would need more hanging space; on the other hand, if you have more kid’s clothes to store, you would need many drawers. Ultimately whatever you choose, ensure that there is a great balance of functionality and style for the wooden wardrobe for the bedroom.

Price of the Wardrobe

Apart from the wardrobe’s style, material, and size, one of the most important elements to factor in while purchasing is the price. Keep a budget in mind, and then pick the best for your bedroom without overshooting the budget. But the budget you set should be realistic and meet your vision of utility and aesthetics. Check the wardrobe price online as there are many attractive offers and discounts for every style, design, and size.

The style and functionality you choose should be based on your needs and preference, but the size specifications should be appropriate to the space available. There should also be no compromise on durability and safety as well as visual appeal. Take the above factors into consideration, and you are ready to shop for the best wooden wardrobe for your bedroom.

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