Facial care before bedtime

Skin care before bedtime to be white. how can i do it Let’s see how to take care of the skin of the face that many young women may ignore or do not do right. Today we have steps to nourish the skin before bed for you. Let’s have a look.

To use facelabs cleansing foam for sensitive skin. To help your face clean and to make you feel clean

White and healthy skin, girls, do you know that there is a starting point from taking care of your face before bedtime? because at night while sleeping The skin will repair and rejuvenate itself, so how to nourish the skin before bedtime is very important and it is something that cannot be ignored. But it may not be the right order of applying the cream before bedtime. or missing any part Therefore, for the correct understanding Today, the dot com jar has a procedure to nourish the skin before bedtime for you. Make sure to follow this order. Wake up, your skin will be white, clear and look healthy for sure.

1. Wipe the makeup on the face clean with cleansing.

The first step of facial skin care before bedtime is Should wipe the face and wash off the makeup on the face thoroughly by using “cleansing”, starting with a cotton pad moistened with an eye remover to wipe the makeup around the eyes clean first. Whether it’s eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara, etc., then use the cleanser moistened with a cotton swab to wipe the rest of the face. To clean the makeup on the face completely.

2. Face mask or face scrub

For this step is considered How to take care of your face to be clear, which girls should do at least 1-2 times a week, about 10-20 minutes each time, whether it’s a face mask. or facial scrub either Or you can do it alternately once a week. However, the face mask will help reduce pimples. and reduce clogging of the skin The face scrub will help scrub the blackheads and dead skin cells off. Makes the skin white, clear, smooth and free from pimples that bother you.

3. Wash your face with cleansing foam.

For the last step of cleaning your face is washing your face as well. “Facial cleanser” should choose a cleansing foam that is suitable for your skin type. Wash your face thoroughly. and after washing does not make your face feel dry and tight This will help reduce premature wrinkles. How to wash your face, girls should massage the foam cleanser along the pores. Do not massage the hair follicles backwards. It will help to make the face clean and dirt does not clog it.

4. Apply liquid essence. or wipe with toner

After washing your face It enters the skin care stage. By starting with a water-based essence, apply it on the face. or wipe your face with either toner This is to prepare the skin before nourishing with other creams. For essence or toner, you should choose a formula that helps with radiance. It will help make your face white faster as well.

5. Apply skin serum.

The next step is to apply the skin serum. By dropping the serum on the palm, dab and apply on the face all over. which the serum will be absorbed into the skin quickly Makes it nourish the skin deeply. And for anyone who wants to nourish the skin to be white and bright, the secret is to recommend using a whitening serum regularly, such as Olay White Radiance Niacinamide + Vitamin C Super Serum containing Niacinamide (Vitamin B3). plus vitamin C Helps reduce the appearance of dark spots Adjust the skin color to be naturally white and bright. In addition, the serum is absorbed quickly. and does not leave it Because vitamin E acts to dissolve oil on the skin. So it doesn’t make it sticky. The important thing is that it does not contain any ingredients that may cause skin irritation such as sulfates, parabens, phthalates, Petrolatum and Mineral Oil. It also helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots. including adding moisture Take care of your beautiful skin in a complete formula.

6. Apply eye cream

Because the skin around the eyes is delicate. and require special care Therefore, it is important to choose a cream with a gentle formula especially for the skin around the eyes. Also known as “eye cream”, which is how to use it to gently tap the cream gently on the area under the eyes. or apply from the corner of the eye to the corner of the eye in order to prevent further aging

7. Apply facial cream.

For this step is a way to nourish the skin to be moisturized. Girls should choose a cream formula night cream or cream for a particular night. Because the night cream contains moisturizer as the main ingredient. make the skin moist This will help slow down wrinkles as well. It will also help the skin repair and restore itself fully at bedtime as well. Don’t forget to apply it on your neck.

8. Apply acne cream.

For girls with acne-prone faces After nourishing the face with all the steps, finish off with the use of acne medication. Dab on the face in the acne-prone area every time. This will help the acne collapse and disappear faster.

9. Apply lip balm on the lips.

Finally, after completing all steps of facial skin care Another thing that cannot be ignored before bedtime. That is to nourish the lips with “lip balm”, or you can use petroleum jelly here. This is to keep your lips moisturized all night. It will also help prevent dry, peeling and chapped lips as well.

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