Extreme Picture Finder – An Ultimate Solution for Multi-media Content Search and Download

Extreme Picture Finder is a user-friendly image downloader with an intuitive interface. It has many impressive features, so is gaining popularity.

  • Automatically download not just images but even videos, music, and other kinds of files within seconds with this program.
  • Just enter the address of the website, choose the files or images you need to download, and the place to save the download. The Extreme Picture Finder tool will do the remaining automatically.
  • The in-built image viewer allows viewing the downloaded images instantly.
  • Configure the program to download photos from forum threads, social media channels, and password-protected websites.
  • The advanced setting allows the user to skip specific website sections like single pages or an entire folder to make the downloading process faster.
  • If users don’t know from where to start downloading then there are in-built ready-to-use projects including addresses of massive websites categorized systematically – Girls, Cars, Desktop Wallpapers, Nature, etc.
  • The in-built image finder is a great feature. Enter a relevant keyword and the tool will identify and download many pictures.
  • Search mode levels indicate the way users can interact with the downloading process. Download only thumbnails means the program will find and download hundreds of pictures in seconds. It is the fastest search mode. There are also full-size images for manual and automatic downloading. If there are other relevant images on the same page as the original picture then the program can even save all of them.

Google is a reliable platform to find different kinds of files including photos, digital images, music, wallpapers, video clips, etc. However, browsing through them is time-consuming and downloading one by one repeatedly is also frustrating. For example, xHamster has vast photos and video file gallery. Downloading and saving manually is a labor-intensive task. With xHamster photo downloader, the task is automated and finished in seconds. There is also no concern about the downloaded image quality. It is the same as the original image.

The Extreme Picture Finder program is an ultimate solution for multimedia content search, sorting, and download. It automates the whole search and downloads process, thus shortening the media contact time significantly. For downloading any kind of media files, videos, and images just choose or specify a website from an online tiered database and click the ‘Start download’ button. The download process instantly starts and contains files the user desires to download! Simple!

To buy Extreme Picture Finder license place an order on their official website. The license types available include –

Downloader Pro bundle – In this program buyers get Extreme Picture Finder and Extreme URL Generator.

  • Standard license [$34.90]
  • Lifetime licenses $64.90]

Viewer Pro bundle – In this program buyers attain Extreme Picture Finder and Endless Slideshow Screensaver

  • Standard & Pro License [$39.90]
  • Lifetime & Pro Licenses [59.90]

Creator Pro bundle – In this program buyers obtain Extreme Picture Finder and Extreme Thumbnail Generator.

  • Standard license – [$49.90]
  • Lifetime licenses – [$79.90]

The standard license never expires and offers users one-year software updates free and can be used up to 2 PCs. Upon update expiration, the user will be offered a chance to renew at a discounted rate.

The Lifetime license never expires and even the updates are free for a lifetime. The user can use it for up to 2 PCs. Online payments are secure and there are many options offered!

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