Explore Your Dark Side with the Cards Against Star Wars

You may be dreaming about the galaxies and all the cool characters from the Star Wars movie series. All the cult fan following of these movies is obsessed with Jedi, Hahn Solo, and lightsabers in general. We have another thing in the form of adult board game Cards for the Star Wars fans to obsess over. Choose Star Wars Cards Against Humanity to explore the dark galactic side.

Cards Against Star Wars is similar to its counterparts adult board game Cards such as Cards Against Humanity and Cards Against Disney. Those who are familiar with these card games know that they are nothing like the movies. They often contain dark jokes and humor that is targeted towards the beloved characters. Besides, the statements on these cards are hilarious as well as in bad taste for your Star Wars main heroes.

While playing Cards Against Star Wars, you might fall off laughing or experience utter disgust with the evil jokes. Moreover, this game is not for the fainthearted who cannot take a joke against their Star Wars persona. This game will surely leave you appalled by all the lewd remarks.2dayfashiontips is Get The Latest Fashion Site. At One Place like Arts Culture, Movies, entertainment, Technology, Travel and Sports Site here 2dayhealthylife  and Nearme2day.

The game may contain some mentions of adorable Ewoks and Jar Jar Binks; however, it is far from cute when the humor is slightly twisted. For the same reason, this is an adult card game that is not suitable for kids.

What’s New with Cards Against Star Wars?

For starters, the party card game includes all the seasons one to seven Star Wars characters. These are portrayed in the most offensive yet comical manner that you will not be able to put the card game down.

Here are some of the statements on the cards for you to get familiar with the level of sick jokes in the game.

  • The soft love honks of a lusty taun-taun
  • Literally dying, so you don’t have to have this conversation with Luke
  • Evacuating in your moment of triumph
  • Squelchy sex with Jabba
  • Yoda’s package
  • Darth Maul’s bedroom eyes
  • What is Death Vader’s guilty pleasure?

After reading these statements, we are sure you must be a little scandalized. Playing this game will be entertaining with your Star Wars friends group after you are done binge-watching all the movies multiple times. The game will add a new essence of dark humor to your game nights that won’t come to an end practically.

There will be no more taboos or dark thoughts about the characters with this hysterical game. All those who pick this game are in it only for the laughter factor with the creatively put dirty thoughts.

Overall, this card game is perfect for all the Obi Wan Kenobi, Princess Leia, R2D2, and the rest of the crew’s fans. Order these cards now for the party card game force to be with you and your friends. This game guarantees a great time with your people. Don’t forget to grab some cocktails and pizza before starting with the intergalactic evil humor.

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