Do’s and don’ts during the pregnancy period

Congratulations! You are pregnant’ – with this felicitation comes a great set of responsibilities, fears, challenges and a 9 month period loaded with surprises. This happy period comprising three trimesters has a lot to offer but it drains the energy with many thoughts of do’s and don’ts.

Do’s in pregnancy

1. Exercise, Yoga and pranayama – If you were exercising even before you got pregnant, you can continue doing it but good advice from your gynaecologist is important in this matter. ‘Breathe and universe will take care of everything else’ – It is a stress-free mantra to be followed daily. Our breath flushes out 90% toxins of our body’s toxins, so it’s very important to do relaxing pranayama that keeps you healthy and happy from within. Sukshma vyayam i.e. Simple yoga can be done for more flexibility and strength. You can also enroll yourself in  Prenatal yoga classes.  Check out Maternity Leggings with belly support for Prenatal Yoga.

  1. Prenatal vitamins & breast care– It is important to take all the important vitamins and other prenatal supplements for a healthier version of you. Your healthy body is a gift both for yourself and your baby. So taking iron, calcium, folic acid is very important. Folic acid is important for baby’s brain and calcium for healthy formation of bones and teeth. Iron keeps the haemoglobin levels good. Vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids are too very important and should be taken in 2nd and 3rd trimester as per your doctor’s advice. Breast care is also important as after 22nd week, they are ready to fulfil their job once the baby arrives. But painful breast feeding can cause a lot of stress, so to avoid that proper breast care is important. Some exercises for breasts are important to keep them healthy. Applying breast care buttercream is also good. I remember buying one from Attending some breastfeeding workshops will help you learn the proper way to feed your baby and attend to his/her demands. Check out Maternity Personal Care & Hygiene Products.
  2. Fresh fruits & veggies – Including Iron rich vegetables such as spinach is good. Beetroot salad with sprouts, beetroot raita, oranges, and apple increases haemoglobin. It is good to include banana, kiwi, guava, coconut water, raw white coconut, soaked almonds,raisins and walnuts, shikanji, chaach (buttermilk) etc. You needn’t eat for two; to fill your tummy, dear mummy to be- you actually need to choose fresh over packaged food, homemade over hotel food. You may also add homemade pickles in your diet for your sour cravings. A healthy midnight snack is better than simply munching chips.4. Reading, journaling and watching good videos – ‘Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body’- Joseph Addison. Hence reading takes you in a different world altogether uplifting your mood and spirits. ‘Rujuta Diwekar- India’s top dietician and nutritionist mentions beet raita and ghee rice in her book, ‘Pregnancy notes- Before, during and after.’ It is a wonderful read. I read it when I was expecting. Another one is ‘what to expect (5th ed) by Heidi Murk off and Sharon Mazel’. Well you may find many books on pregnancy and motherhood. Read any book that you love! Reading garbh sanskar books or attending sessions is also good. One can also read holy books like Ramayana, Geeta and other spiritual books for yourself and the baby.

    A bedtime journaling with a positive affirmation makes your night calmer. It even promises a happy morning with positive thoughts. So what are you waiting for? Grab a pen and start writing. I maintained a journal which I still read when my baby turned 5. I remember watching youtube videos of Dr. Nitika Sobti, (Gynae) . It really helped me in being more wise and healthy.

  3. Vaccinations and Prenatal ultrasounds – It is mandatory to get some important vaccinations and ultrasounds done on time. Prenatal ultrasound uses sound waves and a computer screen to show a picture of your baby inside the womb.
    Level 1 ultrasound, Thyroid & diabetes check-up, Colour Doppler test, Level 2 ultrasound, Fetal echo, covid vaccine, typhoid and other booster doses are important– and all other that your gynaecologist knows better. Hence just go by her command. One very important test is thalassemia test which should ideally be done before marriage or even before conceiving but if not done, Please go ahead with that. All these tests detect age and growth of the fetus/baby, birth defects, abnormalities in fetus, heart and brain functioning, thalassemia major or minor and other complications related to the fetus.
  4. Mental and Dental hygiene– Daily walking also has an impact on the baby in a positive way. So walk the talk and talk your heart out in this beautiful period. Connect with yourself and nature in the best possible manner. Sitting down for a good 15-20 mins adds beauty to your phase and calms you from within. Meditate and surrender all your worries to the divine. Be free as nothing is in your control. Also communicating with your baby can do wonders as the baby can sense and hear every word you say. Also Schedule a visit to a dentist for proper dental hygiene and make sure your gums don’t bleed.
  5. Adequate Sleep– Sleeping nourishes your body and soul. A good night’s sleep is a boon for you and results in creativity and a happy mood the next morning. Also a short nap post meal in the afternoon is good. Sleeping on the left side also helps in proper blood circulation to the heart and other parts of the body.

Don’ts in pregnancy

  1. Don’t follow instagram prenatal yoga classes without asking your doctor. It is advisable to learn prenatal yoga from an experienced instructor online or offline. As it is said, ‘Little knowledge is a dangerous thing ’, it is important to not follow things blindly. Exercises may vary from person to person.
  2. Say no to smoke, alcohol and drugs. It leads to lower birth weight, congenital abnormalities, disabilities and behavioural problems. One needs to be very careful and strictly avoid these things.
  3. A lot of caffeine is harmful for the baby, confirms various studies. 2 cups of coffee is considered safe. A lot more caffeine in any form be it coffee or soft drinks isn’t healthy for the baby.
  4. Green tea/ Herbal tea– Some studies confirm that it isn’t safe to consume a lot of green tea in this period but in moderation, it is considered safe.
  5. Bending and lifting– One needs to be cautious while bending, though it is safe but some extra care while bending and lifting objects would be good. Pregnant women shouldn’t lift very heavy objects and it is good to take help from someone.
  6. No to high heels– Flats will do more good than heels. It won’t tire your feet and will make you more comfortable. Comfortable slippers and other footwear will help you stay active for a longer time without exerting much.
  7. No hot bath & saunas. It isn’t considered safe as there is a risk of overheating, dehydration and fainting.
  8. Reduce intake of packaged food. Like it is discussed in the do’s section above, fresh fruits and veggies are very important in the diet, hence packaged stuff can wait ! Take 20 minutes to cook something healthy rather than 2 mins wali Maggie.


God has given us intuition to think, feel and then do what’s right. So, dear moms to be, it’s time to live more, laugh more and relax even more. Every bit of this phase is worth remembering and treasuring. It is a blessing to feel the tiny miracle inside you and taking care of your little one is your foremost responsibility.

One body is nourishing two souls so it’s nice to honour your body and feel grateful for each breath you are taking with the baby. To add more happiness and joy in your trimesters, you can follow this list of do’s and don’ts in your pregnancy period and it will healthify your lifestyle making it more fruitful and productive. Eat smartly and gain weight smartly, stay active, take short frequent breaks, drink lots of fluids and take care of yourself. You are precious and so is your tiny bundle of joy. Love to know your experiences in the comments below.

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