Different Golf Grip Types

Firm vs. Flowing

It’s critical to know the advantages and disadvantages of both a hard and a soft grip before making your final decision. Due to their faster swing speeds and need for superior torque control, professional golfers often choose firmer grips while hitting the course. Grip pressure may be reduced by using grips that are a little bit firmer.

If you’re a novice or an older player, a softer grip will be more comfortable for you to hold, but you’ll lose some control over your swing’s torsion.

Comparing the differences between round and ribbed

Round or ribbed golf grips are the only options for woods and irons. A ribbed grip has a slight ridge along the length of it, while a round grip is symmetrical. It serves as a visual cue to players, reminding them where their fingers and hands should be on the grip.

Getting Used to Variability

Grip changes were necessary when firms started making woods that could be adjusted in length. If the clubhead or shaft alignment is changed, the grip will no longer be correctly oriented if it only has ridges, logos, or designs in one direction. Because of this, grip makers started producing round, logo-free grips that could be used on adjustable drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids. Consequently

Size of Grip

Using a grip that fits your hand is as important as wearing shoes that suit your feet. Up to 75% of players, according to research, are using a grip that is too large or too little.

It’s long been assumed that a perfect golf grip is one in which the fingers of a player’s dominant hand barely contact the palm. To minimise a draw or hook, some players choose a bigger grip that restricts wrist mobility; conversely, other players strive to limit a slice with a thinner grip.


The question of “how long does a grip last?” is one we receive a lot. The reality is, the answer is subjective and largely dependent on your playing style. As a general rule, the life span of a grip may be shortened by factors such as the amount of time spent practising or playing, the number of practise swings taken, and how you maintain your grips.


Maintaining and checking your grips on a regular basis is critical. You may be able to determine whether your grips need to be replaced by looking for smooth or hard regions on the grip, fractures in the material, glossy patches, or wear in the areas where your fingers frequently rest. Re-gripping your clubs is a good idea if you observe any of these warning flags. Cleaning your grips on a regular basis can help them last longer. With a moderate dishwashing detergent, most grips may be cleaned. Use a gentle abrasive pad or brush for rubber grips (including cable). Instead of using an abrasive pad or brush, a washcloth should be used on grips that have not been rubbed.

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