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Wigs are already one of the most common fashion items in the world. When it comes to wigs, you can’t ignore lace wigs that feature a natural look. If you are a person who is familiar with wigs, then you must know that there are many different classifications of lace wigs. Based on the area of lace, lace wigs are divided into full lace wigs, frontal lace wigs, closure lace wigs. But it may be difficult for you to know the development history of lace wigs and their origins. This article will introduce you to the origin of full lace wigs, frontal lace wigs, closure wigs and how they relate to each other.

From heavy to light: the birth of full lace wig

In the very beginning, the wigs people used were not as convenient and fast as they are now. At the time, most people just used human hair extensions to lengthen or add volume to their hair. Later, in order to save the time of hair extensions, people created a wig that combines hair caps and hair bundles. This wig was once all the rage, but as the world of wigs evolved, so did its flaws: poor breathability and an unnatural appearance

To resolve this contradiction, people looked for a very light and thin material to make hair caps. Yes, this is the lace hair hat. You can imagine how breathable it is when the light lace is made into a hair cap. In addition, the slender features of the lace and the hexagonal hollow structure can also achieve a visually invisible effect. So when the full lace wigs came out, people went crazy.

In fact, full lace wigs are not perfect. The biggest disadvantage of Full lace wigs is that the production of lace wigs must be done by hand. In this part of the process, the wig maker needs to knot the hair to the lace hair net one by one. As you can imagine, this is a very time-consuming and labor-intensive job. Even now, skilled wig makers have to spend more than two months to complete a full lace wig.

Don’t have to pursue the ultimate: the birth of frontal lace wigs

The difficulty of making full lace wig also makes the price of full lace wig very expensive. For most of the world at the time, full lace wigs were out of reach. As a luxury in wigs, full lace wigs can only be enjoyed by those with the most status and wealth in society.

In order to solve this problem and let more people enjoy the magic of lace wigs. Wig makers spend a lot of time and energy researching and iterating on full lace wigs.

Consider that not everyone needs a wig that can separate hair from any angle and is completely flawless. Wig makers have made an interesting combination of full lace wigs and half wigs (a type of regular woven wig). And the result of this combination is frontal lace wigs.

The biggest feature of Frontal lace wigs is that there is a rectangular lace hair block that is wide and deep enough. This lace block is generally 13×4 inches. With the help of this lace block, frontal lace wig users are able to have a natural hairline. At least, from the front, the frontal lace wig is difficult to see flaws. For most people, frontal lace wigs are more than enough.

Less is more: the birth of closure wigs

From the previous article, we already know that the more lace area, the more expensive the price, and the less lace area, the cheaper the price. So, as a wig with the smallest lace area, will the reason for closure lace wigs be related to the price? Yes, price is one of the big factors in the birth of closure lace wigs.

Although frontal lace wigs have been able to meet the needs of most people, there are still some people with limited financial ability who are unwilling to spend a lot of money to buy frontal lace wigs. lace wigs did an “upgrade”. The result of the upgrade is the birth of 4×4 closure wigs.

Although the lace area has become smaller, in fact, this can fully meet the needs of the natural hairline. Of course, it’s important to note that closure wigs can only be used to center hair.

Less is more, and the reduction in lace area is not all bad. In fact, whether they are full lace wigs or frontal lace wigs, they must be installed using glue. But in this world, not everyone likes to use glue and is not allergic to it. This shortcoming has caused a small number of people who are allergic to glue to not be able to enjoy lace wigs. When the lace area is reduced, people are surprised to find that the closure lace wig can be installed without glue. The feature of installing without glue also gives the closure wigs a new name: glueless lace wig


With the progress of the times and the development of science and technology, the world of wigs is now colorful. You can choose different styles, such as deep wave, bob, and afro curls. You can also choose different types, such as headband wigs, u part wigs. The development of wigs is inseparable from the changes in people’s needs. The development of wigs is also inseparable from the advancement of technology and the support of technology.

Through the development of lace wigs, we can observe the changes in people’s needs and the progress of society over the past half century. I hope this popular science can give you a better understanding of wigs.

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