Checklist of Supporting Documents Required in a Personal Injury Case

Personal injury case needs to be assessed based on several factors such as liability, extent and nature of injuries and others. If you have suffered injuries and losses for the first time, it might be challenging for you to deal with such a case. That’s why, the key to winning the case is to hire the right kind of personal injury attorney. It is strongly recommended to know what the requirements are to file a claim or a lawsuit. Some of the important documents to be submitted along with the claim are mentioned below:

Officials’ reports 

These reports are from the experts and professionals who assess your case based on facts. First, the police report gives the details of the date, time and description of the incident. The recreational reports can be created by attorneys and law enforcement. Other important documents are call recordings, investigation reports by agencies and forensics. 

CCTV footage, videos and photos

The visuals play an important role when the claim is accessed or the judge is creating his verdict. They include photos and videos taken at the accident scene. It is suggested to get them either by clicking yourself or asking others to do it for you. Besides that, every public place has a CCTV camera installed in which the recording of the accident can be obtained. All of these visuals can contribute a lot to making your case stronger.

Notes and witnesses’ statements

You might have taken some notes at the time of the accident. You should tell your attorney about it so that he can prepare the case in a better manner. Your attorney will also get in touch with witnesses and record their statements. This way, your case will be stronger than ever before.

Medical reports and bills

The claim amount depends on the extent and nature of the injuries. If they are major ones, the amount will be more. If the length of treatment is more, you are likely to receive more money. However, you will need to submit your medical bills and reports so that the attorney can decide the amount. These documents will be reviewed by several medical experts of insurance companies or attorneys of another party. It is suggested to follow all the instructions of the medical practitioner to avoid denial. 

A personal injury lawyer can handle your case at different stages to ensure that you get what you deserve. 

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