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Caring for Combination Skin

When it comes to dealing with specific skin problems, it is relatively easy to use the product, say, an acne treatment gel, only on the affected or problem prone areas. For instance, you could use the acne cream over your T-zone and use a moisturizer around the eyes and over your cheeks where the skin is dry and flaky.

Antioxidant rich products or those containing cell communicating ingredients are a good choice for people with combination skin. If the greasiness is causing most of the skin problems you encounter, then light weight gels, serums and lotions are the better choice.

If you are breaking out more after the use of a specific product, it is likely that you are allergic to ingredients it contains. Avoiding this product could correct your skin problem and also make your skin more balanced and easier to care for.

Water soluble products are the best as they help avoid dryness and irritation. Gel based cleansers or mild foaming ones are perfect to control the breakouts in the oily parts of your face.


But if your skin is already irritated or sun burned, opting for a lotion cleanser may be a better option. If a toner is part of your daily skin care regimen then use only products that have no alcohol, menthol or fragrances. Citrus oils are also best avoided in toners.

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