Car battery charging what do I have to do to call it the right way?

Tired of the problem of cars that rarely drive? But when used to push the starter, the engine does not start I have a problem with the battery deterioration. or the battery running out The solution that many people have done is Had to sit and start the engine for 10 minutes, but still won’t start because the power cycle is not high enough to charge the battery Or some people have to waste time taking the car out for a drive at least 2-3 times a week to charge the battery wastes a lot of life because if you don’t do that, the car battery will be completely discharged. This causes the car to not start and the battery deteriorates prematurely. So in order not to cause battery deterioration problems and do not have to sit and waste time waiting to take the car out to drive every week, you should charge your car battery regularly so that the car battery is full all the time.  

Understand how to charge a car battery first.

Reputed to be the car battery charger in the car if compared to the organs in the human body would be like a heart to maintain the best the function of the battery is to store the backup power produced by the rotating alternator or alternator in the car It also serves to supply electricity to various parts of the car, from the engine computer system until the electronic equipment used in the car 

Extending the life of a car battery this is considered to help cut the problem of not having to be frustrated every time the car doesn’t start and how to save money on battery replacement costs with the current economic situation, everyone believes Want to invest in something that will last a long time. Good value for money in the long run I don’t want to waste money on unnecessary things. Keeping the motorcycle battery charge ready it’s also an investment in terms of the time it takes to drive in circles. Let the battery use normally to use

This is to maintain the battery life for two years or more. Not just having to choose a brand that is famous alone. But you have to take good care of the car. Just like taking care of your health for a long time. So you need to know how to preserve battery life such as charging the battery properly which is one of the factors that help extend the life of all brands of batteries longer. 

Whether your vehicle uses dry, liquid, calcium, gel, or AGM batteries, batteries are another important device that needs proper care. The condition of the battery must be checked regularly. Do not allow cracks or swollen appearance. In addition, the battery terminals must be taken care of not to be dirty. or have saline sticks and should be tightened completely Check the distilled water level regularly. in order to maintain the condition of the battery so that there will be no problems later.

3 ways to charge the battery correct car to extend the service life as long as possible Simple techniques you should know

  1. The battery should be fully charged at all times. 

A vehicle with a dead battery is usually a vehicle that is rarely parked. The best care for the battery is to fully charge the battery every time So when you want to switch to another car Causing the need to park the car that is not in use and not know when to use it again You should charge the battery of the car that is not in use to have full power ready to start No problem when using the car and the car won’t start Should choose a charger that automatically cuts off the power. Don’t waste time sitting and watching and can automatically recharge In case of leaving the car parked for a long period of time for a month.

  1. How many amps do I need to charge the battery?

In general, the battery should be charged with a current of not more than 10-15% of the battery capacity. You will need to check how much battery capacity (Ah) the car or motorcycle battery is by selecting a charger or adjusting the current accordingly. 

The idea that Hurry up to pack a lot of electricity in order to make the battery of a charged car fill up faster” is the wrong idea because it may damage the battery from Overcharge.

With patented technology, the 8-step charging program adjusts the charging current to suit the state of the battery for the most efficient, fastest, and safest battery charging without damaging your battery don’t damage your car and you can use it safely.

In a nutshell, the way to maintain a battery is to keep your car battery fully charged. This maximizes battery life.  Parked until the battery is low it doesn’t start and then comes charging, it’s a wrong idea because the battery deteriorates quickly when you know how to properly charge the car battery. It’s a good idea to find a quality battery charger. To help in caring for the car battery that has been parked for a long time. If you are the one who chooses the best in life, we recommend the for Smart Car Battery Charger and motorcycle battery charge.

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