Broker EXANTE Donates $1 Million to Children in Ukraine

The brokerage firm EXANTE has donated $1 million to UNICEF in support of its mission of helping children displaced by the conflict in Ukraine. UNICEF has provided crucial assistance to more than 3.7 million refugees, including children. With timely assistance from partners, UNICEF can improve their quality of life. Read on to learn more A broker’s contribution to UNICEF is not a one-off.

EXANTE provides social-emotional support to children in Kharkiv

To provide a safe haven for children, EXANTE has opened special points at 29 metro stations in Kharkiv. Over the past two weeks, these special places have sheltered nearly 17 thousand people. These locations are equipped with educational and recreational materials and facilitators, who offer fun activities for children and emotional support. EXANTE also shares their work on social networks.

The organization’s latest donation of $1 million to UNICEF will provide critical assistance for children and families fleeing violence in the region. Over 3.7 million people have fled the conflict in Ukraine and its neighboring countries. Of these, about 90 percent are children and women who are vulnerable to exploitation and human trafficking. By providing social-emotional support, EXANTE aims to reduce the psychological and social impact of the conflict on the young people in Kharkiv.

A recent report from the United Nations Population Fund (UNICEF) shows that more than half of the world’s Roma population lives in Ukraine. This is in sharp contrast to the number of Roma people in the world, where only 3% of the population are indigenous. By partnering with the United Nations Population Fund (UNICEF), EXANTE seeks to improve the conditions of the Roma in Kharkiv. Through social-emotional support and education, it aims to empower children and help them achieve their full potential.

Company provides centralized access to various tools to eliminate delays and improve efficiency

The Broker EXANTE offers centralized access to various tools to help investors, traders and market makers make better trading decisions. Its cutting-edge trading platform provides users with access to more than half a million financial instruments and up to 50 financial markets from one account. The award-winning software is compatible with both iOS and Android phones. It supports 7 languages. To make trading easier, EXANTE offers a board option.

The Broker EXANTE provides centralized access and trading of thousands of financial instruments, stocks and bonds. It also provides access to over 50 exchange markets through a single account. Clients can trade multiple currency pairs with one account. It is a suitable choice for asset managers and investors alike. It is a Maltese company, founded by Alexei Kirenko in 2011. Andrey Knyazev and Vladimir Maslyakov contributed to the interface design and the programming code.

Company offers personalized service

The Cyprus-based broker EXANTE recently donated $1 million to UNICEF for its humanitarian work in Ukraine. The funds will go towards providing essential services to children and families fleeing the conflict. The agency has delivered more than 858 tonnes of essential supplies to Ukraine and neighbouring countries. Thousands of Ukrainian children are affected by the crisis and need immediate aid. UNICEF is making every dollar count by providing the necessary resources to help the children affected by the conflict.

The company’s latest charitable donation is a direct result of its recent activities in Ukraine. As part of its ongoing efforts to support children and their families, EXANTE has donated $1 million to UNICEF. The money will help the agency provide critical services to displaced children and families, and it’s a good way to help people in crisis. It is important to remember that the children are the ones who are most affected by the conflict.

Company donates $1 million to UNICEF

A global broker, EXANTE, has donated $1 million to UNICEF to support children in Ukraine. The funds will help UNICEF meet the urgent needs of children growing up in a country racked with war. They will provide life-saving supplies and help fund education programmes in the country. The charity is committed to making a difference in people’s lives by helping the poorest communities in the world.

As the conflict in Ukraine continues to rage, the need for support for children is growing. Nearly 4 million people are internally displaced in Ukraine, and ninety percent of these people are women and children. UNICEF is providing critical services to these families, and your donation will help prevent further harm to children and their families. By helping UNICEF provide vital services to children and their families, you are helping save their lives and make a positive difference in the lives of millions of people around the world.

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