Blood spells for love

When people try to find information about blood spells for love on the Internet, they rarely wonder what kind of magic such rituals are. For most people magic has no color or charge. They believe a spell consists of three parts: description, execution, result. In fact, when you want to cast a spell, you should always take into account the type of magiс it comes from. Magic is never neutral. It’s either black or white, which makes the result quite unpredictable. You expect it to be mutual love, but it’s not that easy. In this article we’ll tell you about the pitfalls encountered by less experienced spellcasters which are usually never discussed at websites about magic. The mystical world is full of strange phenomena that only an expert like Spellcaster Maxim can explain Even so, while he may be able to complete the majority of them, there are still many more.

Let’s start with the basics. What makes magic rituals effective? Speaking of white magic, Higher Powers rarely interfere with your fate, even though they’re usually the ones people ask for help by casting their white magic spells. As a rule, the ritual is the result of your internal work. The better work you’ve done cleansing your energies, the better result you should expect. The effectiveness of a white magic ritual always depends on how strong your feelings are for the target and how much you believe in success. White magic spellcasters spend years reaching inner perfection, because it is what makes their spells and rituals effective.​

Love binding spells with blood

As for black magic practitioners, when they cast their love binding spells using blood, their effectiveness depends on the power and experience of the evil creature engaged by the magic practitioner. Most black magic sorcerers and witches never cast spells by themselves. Their energy is quite strong, yet they use it not to help people but to keep the creature serving them under control. Such creatures are quite dangerous. They don’t consider their masters to be their friends. They serve them as long as the black magic sorcerer is feeding them. Once the sorcerer gets weak for some reason or gets sick leaving the energy creature without food, it’ll either attack the sorcerer or break free.

Are you wondering what blood has to do with all this? It’s very important in magic. Blood isn’t used in white magic love spells. Blood is needed only for black magic spells. Blood is a sample of the genetic and energy code of the person. It’s a key enabling access to the subtle body settings. With its help a person’s thoughts, dreams and wishes can be changed, which is not good as it contradicts one of the main doctrines of our reality. According to this doctrine, every person has a right to choose, and no one is allowed to make people do things they don’t want to do or aren’t destined to do.

White magic practitioners don’t use blood magic love spells because they know it too well that such spells can turn people into slaves. They prefer to act differently. Their rituals involve two parties – the client and the target. To bring them together, the white magic spellcaster changes the energies of both of them. Their work can be described briefly as follows: they make the client shine bright like a star attracting the person the client’s in love with. This is possible only if the client loves the target and his or her feelings for the target are very strong. Without love, white magic hardly works. However, professional white magic spellcasters can work wonders and at first they make the client fall in love with the target and then use the client’s love to make the target love the client back.

Black magic practitioners don’t need love. Even if there is love, they hardly use it. They work according to a completely different scenario (below is a simplified version):

  • They pick a target;
  • They send their evil creature to the target;
  • The evil creature takes control of the target’s conscious mind;
  • It makes the target need to be near the client;
  • It punishes the target for attempts to step away from the client;
  • It goes on like this until the magic practitioner calls the creature back.

Love is blind and sometimes also pretty silly, so some people don’t really care at what cost they get it. They’re willing to use the most dangerous of spells to be with someone they love. Unfortunately, they don’t understand that the price for it can be too high.​

There are two ways to cast love spells using blood. The first one is when women use their menstrual blood in their spells, and the other one is when the target’s blood is used which is quite difficult to get for obvious reasons. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be pure blood in a blood collection tube. A drop of blood on a napkin, tampon or bandage is enough. Another way to get some blood is to scratch your lover’s back during sex.

Blood is needed like a key. It’s like a symbol of your wiliness to let the dark creature control your energies or those of another person. A drop of blood on a napkin for the evil creature is like a piece of evidence left by the suspect they give to the police dog to smell. When it senses some blood, it traces it to its source, the target. However, the target is never the only victim. When a white love spell is cast, it makes both, the client and the target happy. Similarly, when a black love spell is cast, both, the caster or the client and the target get punished.

A blood magic love spell

When you cast one of the love spells using blood, the magic accesses your subtle bodies. It means you can never know what your punishment will be. Even professional magic practitioners rarely know it. As a rule, evil creatures do what’s easier and hit the weakest point. One thing is for sure: you’ll have to pay anyway, meaning after a blood spell you can expect the following consequences:

  • Becoming an outcast;
  • Serious physical illnesses;
  • Increased weakness, fears, panic attacks;
  • Celibacy wreath or inability to be loved;
  • Accelerated aging, unhealthy appearance, loss of beauty and attractiveness;
  • Mental health issues;
  • Unwillingness of Higher Powers to protect you from danger anymore.

This applies not only to you but also to the target of your spell. You’ll both suffer, even though the problems won’t necessarily be the same for you. The evil creature that feeds only on negative energy will have to make you suffer to generate negative energy. Without it, the creature won’t be able to bring you together. So when you’re going to cast a black magic love spell, prepare to suffer. Besides, you won’t be put through it by your fate, karma, or your enemies. You’ll go through it because of your impatience, ignorance regarding the nature of magic, and your willingness to take risk.

At the same time, there is always an easier alternative to a blood magic love spell. If you can’t cast spells by yourself, hire a professional white magic spellcaster. With your spell cast by an experienced magic practitioner, you’ll have a better chance of becoming happy. Finding a good spellcaster has never been easier. With modern technology you can contact one and even place an order within a few minutes.

It’s also easy to order one of the blood spells for love from a black magic practitioner. However, you’ll need to provide your blood sample or that of the target, as well as some pictures and personal items. This is when a black lottery begins. A lot of black magic sorcerers are quite shady and they never tell their clients how exactly they achieve the results they achieve. While we were writing this article, we visited a dozen websites run by such magic practitioners and didn’t see a single warning about the dangers associated with black magic.

In fact, black magic sorcerers don’t have to guarantee your safety. Their job is to give you an evil creature to create what looks like love and attachment. However, this creature works with more than just one couple and has to help the spellcaster with other couples, too. As a result, the feelings aroused by it fade soon, while your suffering that is the price you have to pay for it remains. After tasting your energies and learning to control your thoughts and feelings, the evil creature will come back to you over and over again to make you suffer more to feed on your negative energy. Since this creature is unable to satisfy its hunger ever, it will never leave you alone.

Speaking of white magic love spells, there is one thing we’d like to add. They don’t last forever either. Even the strongest of them don’t work longer than you have feelings for your partner. When your feelings fade, the spell stops working and you break up to follow your individual paths. Luckily, you stay friends cherishing the happy memories you’ve shared. These memories make you happy as nothing can compare to them.

So we think the choice is obvious. Since white magic love spells help you be with the person you love, there is no point in using black magic love spells and pay for their help with your own happiness. Let yourself be happy and use white magic. On our website you can find a wide choice of white and neutral magic love spells. If you’re into someone, try one of them and see what happens. Maybe your dream will become reality sooner than you think.

You will know this even before proceeding if you consult with Spellcaster Maxim . As a result, it is critical to seek professional assistance when casting such strong binding spells. Check more article

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