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Are you from the United Kingdom and searching for a center for tandem skydiving near you? Don’t worry, we’ve collected a list just for you! Continue reading so you can learn more about it. Are you ready to jump?

Skydiving has become a well-known adventure activity in the United Kingdom, with both beginners and experts participating. If you appreciate the rush of adrenaline coursing through your veins and wish to engage in an often once-in-a-lifetime thrill of skydiving, the United Kingdom should be at the top of your list of skydiving destinations.

Freefalling in the United Kingdom

As you freefall at over 100 miles per hour, flying through the air and seeking that adrenaline high, feel the breeze on your face. Tandem skydiving is the ideal almost-solo activity because, while you’ll be tied to your instructor, you’ll be the only one out of two enjoying this adrenaline rush for the first time!

This thrilling sport allows you to see the world from a new angle, allowing you to see the countryside and metropolitan sites from a unique perspective. There are a variety of dropzones & tandem skydiving centers near you to select from across the UK. In terms of location and landscape, each has its own perks.

We will not keep you waiting as we now move on to the top tandem skydiving centers near you.

Tandem Skydiving Centers in UK:

1. Sky-high Skydiving (Durham)

Visit them for the UK’s highest skydive from 15,000 ft, where you’ll free fall at 120 miles per hour before releasing your parachute and softly dropping in front of family and friends. Their team will be with you from beginning to end and will train you to the finest safety standards to ensure that you are well taken care of from arrival to departure.

They also have camera packages available so you can keep the moments you made at Sky High.

2. Skydive Hinton (Brackley)

You’ll be ready to jump from 13,000 ft after a briefing. Students are attached to a tandem instructor who will control the skydiving for you. Training takes place throughout the day.

You speed to 120 miles per hour once you leave at 13,000 ft, hitting every thousand feet in about 5 seconds. The instructor will drop the parachute at 5,000 ft, and both people will handle it until you land gently and softly 4 minutes later.

3. Skydive Hibaldstow (Hibaldstow)

Your tandem instructor will explain all that you need to know about your skydiving adventure at a group briefing, and you can also ask as many questions as you want. When it’s time to jump, your instructor will dress you in a jumpsuit as well as a special dual harness. You will also receive goggles and a helmet.

After boarding the plane, you’ll be 3 miles over the dropzone in less than 15 minutes. You’ll experience up to 1 minute of freefall after jumping from the open door. At roughly 5,000 feet, your instructor deploys your parachute, and you spend about five minutes under the canopy enjoying the breathtaking views of the Lincolnshire Wolds before landing back at the dropzone.

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