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Advantages, disadvantages, and costs of Carpet Cleaning in Edmonton

While you know your carpets need to be cleaned yearly, most homeowners don’t think they need professionals for it. Some may see it as a tedious job, especially if they are diligent about regular vacuuming. Others see it as a worthwhile expenditure to keep their carpet in pristine condition. Here are some advantages, disadvantages, and costs of carpet cleaning services in Edmonton to give you the correct information.

Advantages of carpet cleaning

  • Health benefits: Your carpet works as your heating system filter. For example, it blocks bacteria, dust, pathogens, and particles that circulate in the air. If you want to ensure your family breathes clean air, getting your carpets cleaned periodically is important.
  • Long life: Getting your carpet professionally cleaned periodically is an effective way to make it stand the test of time. Nobody wants to experience the cost and burden of a new carpet installation. In a normal sense, your carpet will last for 10 to 15 years when you clean it efficiently. However, if you don’t clean your carpet periodically and it has stains, signs of wear and tear, and a high amount of dirt and debris, it will never last for such duration and will deplete even before its warranty ceases.
  • Preserve its look: If you want to make your carpet look new and fresh, it is suggested to get it cleaned every 8 to 12 months. It will give a new-like look and feel.

Cons of carpet cleaning

  • DIY issues: Cleaning your carpet on your own should be completely avoided. Though you have home improvement products and services to offer carpet cleaning rentals, you still don’t have the professional skills to do it. You may end up harming your carpet.
  • Costly: Often, people get trapped with carpet cleaning services that charge a lot of money. They may have hidden expenses that increase the cost later. However, if you keep transparency and get an estimate, this can be avoided.

Cost of carpet cleaning

When you discuss the cost of carpet cleaning services, you should know that the money you are spending will help you get the best services. However, it depends on the house cleaning package you have chosen. It also depends on the area of your carpet. The cost differs depending on the location, the number of rooms, carpet area, and other factors.


Regular carpet cleaning is a good way to keep your carpets looking like new, feel like new, and be healthy for a long time. However, you should also be mindful that you choose a good company that offers you a good quality cleaning at decent rates. It is important to meet the consultants first and discuss your expectations, pricing, and other essentials before taking up the service. You will undoubtedly get the best service at the best price, without any additional charges.

Canada Clean Home is a reliable and efficient company that offers carpet cleaning and repair services at the best prices. Choose their high-quality cleaning services to give your carpets a long life and health.

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