A machine would not struggle with this at all

A machine would not struggle with this at all — a machine’s only duty is to match and style the classes. What does get awkward, however, is when humans (that is, developers) start working with this code. It is confusing to see a class of red which actually makes something blue. This is not a sensible class, one that has little longevity and that won’t always make sense. A far better option would be.

The Separation of Content and Style

Traditionally, the separation of content and style refers to splitting the markup and styling of content into distinct languages. It does not refer to keeping the two languages physically separate. Way back when, we wrote HTML like.

This is why CSS was born: to separate these concerns. The separation of content and style refers purely to using separate and independent technologies for each role, not to avoiding presentational classes in your markup. The previous example displays a lack of separate content and style; the following example has its content and style separated perfectly

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Lastly comment

By understanding this, you begin to see that this misconception has led to a blanket and dogmatic hatred of any form of presentational classes. Just because classes might read as presentational does not equate to mixing content and style; in fact it comes back around to our points above: it’s all about how sensibly you’re doing things

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