8 Unique Party Costume Ideas

Sometimes, even if you do everything to prepare for an event you may still see yourself wandering around thinking of what to wear. Looking for something to wear maybe even more complicated, especially if the event is a costume party.

To bring you an idea of the greatest costumes you can wear, we have listed down the eight unique party costume ideas that you can easily purchase in your local shop or by ordering online in the shop of Party Costume Sydney.

Super Mario

Everyone has played the original Super Mario Nintendo game and Mario Kart, so who wouldn’t like to see the classic superhero from the 80’s walking around the event vicinity?

Take note that it is not necessary just to wear Mario; you can choose other characters from the game like Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Princess Peach, or anything related to the theme like the mushroom or turtle.

Squid Game

If you are not familiar with the Squid game, it is the hit K-drama that took the internet by storm. The movie is all about the cash-strapped players who accepted the invitation to compete in children’s games. Inside the game, a high valued prize awaits, but it comes with deadly stakes, and once they get into the game, there is no turning back until they survive all the challenges.

The most common costume you in Party Costume Sydney may choose from in the movie is the green tracksuit, red jumpsuit with a mask, or the frontman.


Bello Bello! Heard this word before? This word comes out of a minion when it says Hello! Dressing up as a minion is easy to do. All you need is denim, a yellow long sleeve shirt, high socks, black gloves, a yellow beanie, and a black sneaker.


Ghostbusters is another fantastic movie from the ’80s. Recently in 2021, the film’s remake shocked everyone, not because of its release after a long time but because it shows how girl power can rule anything.

Others purchase the ready-made ghostbuster costumes in the market, but many do it in a do-it-yourself way. So, if you want to have a bond with your besties before the event, spending a night DIYing your group costume idea would be a great idea.

DC vs. Marvel

DC and Marvel are known to be mortal enemies, but you can unite them on a costume event. How? All you have to do is to talk to your squad and have them pick their favourite superhero from these two.


Do you want to dress up in a simple yet astonishing way? You may dress up as a bride, bridesmaid, groom, or groomsman. You won’t have to hunt hard to find a costume that fits this topic.

You can find a lot of second-hand wedding attire at your local shop or by searching for Party Costume Sydney. If you have your old wedding gown, you may wear it and walk like a character from the movie corpse bride.

The Unicorn

Are you looking for a budget-friendly costume? You may consider being the unicorn. The things that you need for this costume are simple jeans, a colourful top or plain white shirt, colourful make-up, glittered face or body, and a unicorn headband and tail.

These costumes to attend Party Costume Sydney may require a lot of things but believe it or not, most of them hang around the corner of your household.


If you have the patience or are into doing make-up, dressing up as a clown may work for you. You can get creative as much as you want with your eye make-up but be sure to keep the clown idea in tack.

You may also add other fun details to your nose or lips to look more good. But if you want to make yourself eye-catching, you may bring a balloon and just stare at everyone in the event, just like the character from IT.

Choosing an event costume is hard to do, and it may take some effort to do, especially if you haven’t had any idea of what to wear. But with the given idea in this article, you can just pick their ideas and dress them the way you want them.

If you can’t still decide what to wear, you may search for shops selling Party Costume Sydney and seek advice on the possible costumes that will suit you.

Nonetheless, when attending an event, your confidence matters because no matter how good your costume is, you may not enjoy the party if you are not confident in wearing it.

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