3 Tips For Running a Great Virtual Meeting

As remote work becomes even more prevalent, many companies are holding frequent virtual meetings. But how can you ensure that these meetings are productive?

Virtual meetings can be extremely useful and cost-effective. When you’re hosting a virtual meeting, you don’t have to invest in additional equipment, thus reducing expenses. You also don’t have to be anxious about being late due to traffic or long distances. In addition, virtual meetings are flexible: they allow you to schedule the meeting at a time that works best for everyone involved. Here are some tips for running a great virtual meeting so that your team stays productive on the job and gets their responsibilities done.

1. Start on time

While it may seem like a simple, obvious rule, starting on time is important for a number of reasons. First and foremost, the meeting should start right away. No one likes to show up late, and no one wants to endure a meeting that starts late. You also don’t want people checking their phones or laptops because they think the meeting will start at any moment, and they need something else to focus on while they wait.

Secondly, your guests should be prepared before starting a virtual meeting. If you are using video conference software such as Skype or Zoom Live Video, make sure that all attendees have access to this software. 

Ensure that your attendees receive real-time support whenever they encounter technical difficulties. Also, make sure to know how to use it before the start of your meeting to ensure everyone can participate from their own devices without confusion.

2. Be Clear and Concise.

Sometimes it’s hard to make a meeting feel productive when you’re not in the same room as your team. You want to make sure that everyone comprehends what’s expected of them and is getting the most out of their time during this virtual gathering.

As a way for your virtual meeting to go smoothly, it’s important that you’re clear about what needs to be achieved by the end of it. 

Don’t waste time on small talk or rambling off the topic; keep things focused on the goals at hand so everyone can get back into their normal routine after the meeting is over. And if you need input from someone in particular (or multiple people), ask for it! Just remember, not everyone likes taking part in every discussion, so don’t ask unless you really want input from them.

Finally, try using a stopwatch or timer and use email marketing tools to check who’s attending while leading your next conference call or webinar.This will help keep everyone on track without having anyone feel rushed or under pressure while they speak with each other online.

3. Make the Meeting Interactive and Engaging

To keep the meeting on track, you can rely on meeting notes to solicit feedback and communicate with attendees. You can also use meeting rooms to facilitate discussions and work on specific tasks. A whiteboard is a great way for everyone in the room to share a common workspace, even if they’re all working from different locations. Additionally, asking open-ended questions will help you understand what your team needs from the meeting.


Now that you have the essential tips for running a great virtual meeting, it is time to put them into practice! It is important to remember that all meetings should be tailored to fit your particular needs, so feel free to test with various tactics until you find one that works.

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