3 Challenges in B2B Sales And How to Overcome Them

The B2B sector has been having a lot of challenges since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic due to remote work and everything going online. Some businesses have lost money in operations such as dropshipping, and others have had trouble keeping in good touch with their business partners. Regardless of the situation, there are other types of obstacles B2B companies come across, whether new or established, big or small. 

If you just got into the world of B2B, you may feel confused and maybe don’t know what to expect. This guide will help you by discussing some common B2B sales challenges so you can prepare.

Three major B2B sales challenges for businesses

All B2B companies want to attract new customers, build good relationships, and improve their sales process. Here are three challenges you will face in the sales process if you’re in this sector. 

1. Poor collaboration between marketing and sales teams

Even though some people treat marketing and sales as separate departments, they need to work together to provide productive results. These two go hand in hand, so you should consider them as such. However, B2B business entrepreneurs may think this way, which essentially provokes issues. Especially if you need a good Shopify development process for starting a successful B2B eCommerce business, make sure these two departments go well together. And this is true in the case of real estate chatbot  , they can improve communication between B2B companies and their clients and as a result boost sales.

First, as a B2B company, you need different marketing strategies for different sales funnel stages of your prospects. Another important factor is using the right data for each campaign. Both marketing and sales departments can provide essential information about various analyses, experiments, campaigns, results, etc. To solve this issue, you can use CRM software to help keep information about marketing and sales departments in one spot and manage it from there. After all, you can check out the best success podcast and see what other experts advise you on this.

2. Wrong lead generation strategies

Your B2B company may be doing the perfect sales campaigns or excellent social media marketing, but it won’t go too far if it doesn’t get leads. For most companies in this sector, generating leads that will become customers is a real challenge. Getting in front of the right businesses, making the right offer, and building long-lasting relationships are hard. For this process, you should hire people to make the customer experience better. You can consider opening part-time jobs vacancies, because part time jobs in London, Paris and other big cities are very popular.

It’s important to not only attract people who are interested in your company’s services but also ensure they are sales qualified. To succeed in this step, start by defining your perfect buyer persona. Where do they live? What do they prefer? Why would they need your services, products, or software? Next, determine how you can reach these people and what the perfect offer would be like for them. 

3. High competition that’s hard to overcome

In every industry, there’s a lot of competition going on. With the emerging technology and automation trends, all businesses have access to various tools, data, and customers so it’s very hard to be unique and complete. Moreover, they have to conduct automation testing processes to ensure their strategy works. Especially if you’re new to the B2B world and don’t have many connections, you may struggle with competition. 

To overcome this issue, you can segment your audience and make personalised offers to each group. You should also get some support from virtual executive assistants, salespeople, and customer service representatives. This will also help decide what’s something unique and valuable you can offer that your competitors cannot. In the bigger picture, you should also conduct a detailed competitor analysis and see where they’re doing the best and lack quality.


Succeeding in the B2B industry and growing your company is a huge responsibility. It has its drawbacks, obstacles, and issues that are sometimes complex to handle. However, by following the tips in this guide, you can easily overcome those challenges and scale your business.

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