10 Things You Shouldn’t Do In the Shower, According To Experts  

Although you may be showering perfectly well, there are certain practices that you shouldn’t be trying while you are in a shower. According to the experts, there are some things that you can never do while in a shower.

Here are 10 things that you should never do in the shower.

1. Using the wrong bath products

The wrong bath products can harm your skin in many ways. From making it dry, and even causing some itching, there are a lot of bad things that choosing the wrong products can do to you. Avoid personal hygiene products that contain chemicals.

2. Failure to lotion up afterward

If you don’t lotion after a bath, you expose your body and make it dry. A moisturized skin remains bright and glowing and it’s what every person wants.

3. Skipping your feet

When you are showing, your feet will get exposed to lots of water. You may assume that since a lot of eater passes there, you can fail to scrub them. This is wrong according to the experts. It’s recommended that you wash your feet with your hand and wipe it dry.

4. Using hot water

Do you want to bathe using hot piped water? According to the experts, this is not how to shower correctly because it strips your body of the wide array of natural oils that are important for keeping your skin smooth and glowing. Hot water may also cause the skin to be excessively dry and reduce the level of hydration, which makes it dangerous for you.

5. Remaining in the shower for longer

Don’t be tempted to stay inside the shower for more than 8 minutes even when the outside is too cold.

6. Using a scrub in the shower stream

Do not use a scrub while in a shower stream because this will wash away and go down the drain.

7. Using loofahs excessively

If you are a loofah lover, ensure that you don’t overuse these sponges. While they are great for exfoliation, they are also filled with germs.

8. Putting shampoo on partially wet hair

Before you lather your hair, you should ensure that the hair is completely drenched. The shampoo will be impossible to lather if the hair is partially wet.

9. Shaving your legs before you do a pedicure

Don’t make the mistake of shaving your legs on a day when you are planning to go for a pedicure.  According to the experts, this enhances the possibility of getting infections.

10. Use excessively oily products in the shower

When you use oily products in your bath, the floor gets slippery and this makes it dangerous for you. You should never try anything that could make you susceptible to accidents because slipping in the bath could have disastrous consequences. Your safety is key, so you have to ensure that you remain safe.


The above 10 things are among the things that you should never do in a shower. From using the wrong bath products to using excessively hot water, the above practices could harm you in many ways.

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