10 fun facts about Poland

Would you like to move to Poland? Before you book the plane tickets and pack your luggage, you should check 10 of the most interesting and at the same time the funniest facts about Poland. Here they are!

The film ‘Home Alone’ is a Christmas tradition

Have you ever seen a film called ‘Home Alone’? We are pretty sure you already have! The funny thing about Poland is that we love watching this movie every Christmas Eve. We can safely say it became our small tradition. A few years ago, the Polsat station decided to stop airing it. Their move did not become successful as the Poles submitted a petition against it.

Wearing a hat inside is considered disrespectful

According to savoir-vivre, there are a few common situations in which you should take a hat off. For example, when you are in the church or while singing the national anthem. The principle we just mentioned is deeply rooted in our society but it does not apply to women. Do you know why? The headgear is considered the element of a woman’s outfit. So, if you are a man, pay attention to that!

Mushrooming is our favorite hobby

If you ever go for a walk in the woods, do not be shocked if you see Polish people mushrooming. It is probably the most popular activity if it comes to Poland. We all love to pick mushrooms and prepare delicious dishes. You should try potatoes with mushroom sauce. Be careful if you decide to do the same thing. In Poland, you can also find poisonous mushrooms.

Poland is open to other nations

Do you know that millions of Poles decided to emigrate? The main point is we are also open to others which means you can meet foreigners from Europe (and not only!) while walking down the streets. After years of living and working here, they can also apply for Polish citizenship and become a part of this beautiful nation. Go on – – for more.

Polish beer with fruit syrup is our favorite alcohol

We are pretty sure that at least once in your lifetime you have heard that Poles drink lots of vodka. Of course, we have way more to offer! If you love fruits and beer, you should try our favorite drink. What do we mean? If you ever go to a Polish bar, you should order beer with fruit syrup. You will love it!

Poland has its own Maldives

As a travel lover, you should visit Poland and go to the Polish Maldives. They are not as compelling as the real ones but Kaolin Nowogrodziec is still a fantastic destination to see. The white sands and azure lake attract thousands of travelers every year. The place we are referring to is near Wroclaw.

The World’s Strongest Men come from Poland

Have you ever heard about ‘The World’s Strongest Man’? The competition has been held since 1977. You could observe on the TV muscular men who would pull the truck on a rope, lift weight over head and rip the chain. We could list more but that’s not the main point! Poland can boast multiple international victories.

Once you become 18 you start celebrating your name day

The 18th birthday seems to be an important date. The moment a teenager turns 18, he can get a driving license and finally buy a beer or cigarettes. That’s not all! According to our tradition, it is said we should celebrate the name day instead of the birthday. Older people keep cultivating this practice and we do not think if it is gonna change in the future.

Poland is a home to famous people

Nicolaus Copernicus introduced the Heliocentric Theory to the world. Maria Curie-Sklodowska received the Nobel Prize in physics and chemistry. Joseph Conrad, also well known as Józef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski, was of Polish origin too. For now, we could not be more proud of Iga Swiatek who has just won the US Open!

Radom is bigger than Paris

Over the last few years, the popularity of Radom has increased significantly. The city we just mentioned is known for many funny things and that’s why Radom became a hero of popular memes. The most interesting thing is that Radom is bigger than the capital of France. We could not believe it at first.

Poland is not the most obvious destination to visit, but for sure, it is cool!

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